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Campus Retail Canada is curtailing operations and will be non-operational on March 31, 2019.

If you are looking for an alternative please check in with CANCOLL


some of our partners


Proliferating technology in

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Aiding Students

We make certain that you've got the technology that is critical to your student's success and comfort. Get value from our partners you can't get anywhere else.

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Niche Market Support

Post-secondary institutions support learners of all types. With partnerships with key assistive technology we are able to ensure that all students get access.

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Keeping it on campus

Take control of your costs, products and deliverables by keeping critical purchasing on campus. Save costs and time and be accountable. 

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A network of peers

Whether you are new to the position or old hat, CRC provides a network of distributors, manufacturers and buyers that know our market like no one else.


Annual Report 2018


A change in management was necessitated by trying times in the industry. With new revenue initiatives, renewed dedication to members, and enthusiasm from our partners Campus Retail Canada looks forward to a challenging 2018 with eager anticipation to conquer the challenges ahead.