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Driving forward.


In 2016 the Board of Directors made the decision to seek new management for the association. We're pleased to bring on board McPherson Management to help facilitate growth and change to the association. We believe that now, more than ever, we are working toward a strengthening our position with our partners. The times ahead will be a challenge, but concrete forward steps are already underway. 


Rising to a difficult challenge.


The technology sector is ruthless. The higher education sector is the same. CRC has experienced a decline in its purchases through partners for the past 36 months that have challenged us in an unprecedented way. We now look to our members, partners and new management to set a direction forward. We feel the pressure as an organization to innovate and move forward. We rely on you, our members, to help propel the growth of the future. 

Our membership has remained stable and strong, though, our per store returns have showed the slowed activity that is a part of a general market trend. 

The web-ad program continues to struggle to produce effective results on the behalf of our manufacturers. CRC is actively exploring ways to improve the program for our members and partners. More accountability for displaying

the supplied ads and proven returns in the form of click tracking are necessary improvements requested from both members and vendors. 

Our vendors' support is absolutely necessary to the financial health of CRC and our members. We continue to negotiate the contracts for the coming year, but are able to announce that all our current partners plan to continue their commitments in 2017 through the partner rebate program. 

This year we bid a fond farewell to long-time administrator Caroline Croft, and thank her for her years of diligent service. We are also pleased to bring aboard McPherson Management. Greg McPherson will assume the role of executive director and brings with him extensive experience in the post-secondary industry.



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Co-location and an all-new trade show. 


With the increased cost of our traditional trade show in June 2016 the Board of Directors explored how to reduce cost, improve attendance and prove better ROI for the annual CRC conference. 

It was with great care that the Board weighed our co-location efforts with Campus Stores Canada. The trade show, BiiG, is universally well attended. The Board understood that there would be something of a chilling effect on our partners and members. The belief is that any negative effects from the combined show would be offset by having access to a much larger general audience. 

With more than 80 members, the majority of whom pay to attend the BiiG show, Campus Stores Canada had better rates, a larger presence and newer facilities lined up in 2017. 

It was therefore the Board's position that a trial of a one-year co-location be established with CSC. 

The preliminary results of this partnership appear to have been worth the effort. CRC was able to bring the majority of our members to the trade show, as well as host more than 25 partners. These milestones are important as we believe that they will result in a significantly reduced cost to CRC from our June 2016 trade show, while also providing an avenue for future growth in 2018 and beyond. 


Finding our purpose.
Building it together. 

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While much of the report of 2016 deals with the difficult times for Campus Retail Canada currently we are optimistic for our future growth. 

Greg McPherson, the newly installed Executive Director, has experience with dealing with situation like the one currently facing our membership. 

"We've already had discussions about controlling costs, how we can find operational efficiency, and what we can modernize rapidly. That will save us time on the operation of Campus Retail Canada and open us up to develop the next opportunities," comments Greg. 

Greg comes with more than a decade of experience in the professional association management. His current clients include Campus Stores Canada, CUCCIO, ARUCC and he 

and his team are excited to bring on board CRC as well. 

"Difficult times happen in nearly every facet of this industry. Now is a time to look at your members and see how they are using the programs. Identify what the purpose of the association is from their perspective."

To that end Campus Retail Canada is committing to an audit of our current operations, and has already put in place the first steps to improve our programs. With the addition of online and automated reporting for all our members and partners we have begun the difficult work of providing more immediate feedback to our members and partners about the associations health. 

Look for renewal in all our programs in 2017 and new programs as we work together to build a better CRC.