Building progress

Campus Retail Canada has created a new series of tools for our members, our partners and we continue to build towards a strong future. While 2017 has  been challenging we continue to create new initiatives, find new successes and make new opportunities for our members to shine. 




Though our forum has been a trusty ally since the beginning of CRC, it became apparent this year that much of what was great about the forum had passed by.

We were proud in December to roll out the new CRC Slack Workspace. This was a major hurdle in our step towards modernization, and we're happy to have it so widely adopted. 



Following years of lack-luster performance through our web-ad program, and declining returns in our partnership program the Board created a new program for all our partners. The unified VIP (vendor in partnership) program allows our partners flexibility. 

This new tiered program makes finding your best deal faster than ever before!


As we build into 2018 we unveiled the new CRC website. As a part of that website we created two on-going technology blogs that are specifically focused towards the campus technology industry. 

With our first public entries bringing awareness to our sector, value to our members and opportunity to our partners. The private blog will launch with entries about our newest partners and their products.

$14.7 million in purchase

This year we purchased more than $14.7 million worth of eligible products from our suppliers, distributors and partners. This in term sold to students, staff, faculty and institutions to ensure that learning remained afforable. In 2018 we look to make strides to ensure even more of our purchasing is being put toward our partners. We are all aware of the circumstances of our industry, and together we are able to preserve profitability and make sure that solutions are affordable.

100% of our members return

After loosing one of CRC's members in 2016 to outsourcing, we are proud to announce that we have all our members returning in 2018. The major thurst of our efforts is now to increase our membership and bring aboard new institutions. At the same time we remain committed to building the access to our programs for everyone within each of our member institutions. This means bringing aboard IT and procurement offices alongside our retail partners. 

We also have a number of initiatives in early process for bringing aboard new members to the association. With the intent of developing out current resources and tooling them to fit members who are new to the market. With strategic partnerships with Campus Stores Canada we will continue to create programs that are worthy for all our members, old and new alike. 

BiiG 2018

This year's 2018 conference and trade show was the first fully realized opportunity for a combined show between Campus Stores Canada and Campus Retail Canada. This year's show has a number of extremely positive markers, but remains overall a source of debate. With more institutions, and a wider variety of people in attendance those suppliers who are able to be present are happy to be a part of the program. But, difficulty with coordinated travel for our members, the overall low participation of both vendors and members has CRC looking to build alternative forms of participation for 2019. 

This isn't just a cosmetic change. CRC is reinventing everything to make itself better.

This isn't just a cosmetic change. CRC is reinventing everything to make itself better.

We've only just begun

Though there are a number of concerning trends with CRC we remain steadfast and optimistic. Changes to our tools, to the attitudes of our members and to our methods have netted us huge gains so far in 2018. We have signed partners who are more enthusiastic than ever. We've brought online new tools. We've improve our service to our members. All of this while decreasing the input cost for the association and its members. 

We know that there is a struggle as we look to create new opportunity. We need to improve the way we represent our market, and the interests of our customers. This was never going to be an easy prospect, but the early financial signals of the association are such that we are making progress.

2018 will be a year dominated by trying to do even more with even less. We look to a number of exciting new initiatives to satisfy our existing members and attract new ones. Now is the time when we are able to build a Campus Retail Canada that is responsible and based around the best that our industry provides. With technology, better communication, and renewed enthusiasm on our side we will build a better CRC in 2018.