Become a member

Are you responsible for purchasing technology, electronics, or gadgets for a post-secondary campus? Whether you are a re-seller, retailer, or a part of a procurement group Campus Retail Canada is here for you. 

Our memberships start at $100 per year, and provide you access to a network of peers; deals and rebates through manufacturers and major distributors; and education about the latest developments in campus technology.


What's in it for you

Campus Retail Canada represents 30 colleges and universities across Canada totaling more than half a million students, faculty and staff. Become a part of our buying power and save.

When you become a member you immediately receive additional discounts, guaranteed service standards and access to a network of your peers. Our partners generously provide even more accumulated rewards as your business with them grows!

Get access to our industry specific blogs, our private slack channel to connect to your peers and access to our annual trade show. 


Getting past the basics

Once you've been a member for 12 months we will have plenty of information about how our partners are working alongside your institution. To move into our higher tier memberships you will need to purchase a minimum of $250,000 from our partners.

Once you've moved above the basic tier CRC provides additional incentives such as free travel to our annual trade show, high rebate rates from our partner program and more. 

If you have other questions about membership you can always contact us



Step 1 - Be a member

The first step in becoming a member of CRC is to sign up. Any Canadian post-secondary institution can become a member of CRC. Once you are a member we have a 12 month evaluation period during which our partners and you will get to evaluate how we are working together and see what our next steps should be. 

Step 2 - Buy 

In order accumulate benefits with CRC we need you to buy from our partners. From broad distributors, to manufacturers all the way through to niche market companies CRC encourages you to work with our partners to provide benefits to your staff, staff and faculty. 


Step 3 - Be involved

From the first day that you are a member you are able to access our private slack channel, our blog and newsletter archieves. You can read the combined wisdom of our members through the years. Be the key to learning is always to ask questions. Join the conversation and get insight of the centuries of learning our members have already accumulated. 

Step 4 - Grow

While it is always nice to have the basics covered, but technology is and endless well of inspiration for academics and students alike. Pushing technology purchase, sales and retail on campus allows your institution to keep its money on campus so that you can offer better prices, access and get even better rewards from CRC and our partners.