Become a partner

Our partners represent the very best of the consumer technology industry. We work together with you so that your products end up in campus retail stores across Canada.

All our members start with a $500 partnership. After a year to evaluate your desires, fit with our members, and appetite we can move into bigger and better projects.


What's in it for you

Campus Retail Canada represents 30 colleges and universities across Canada totaling more than $14 million in retail technology purchasing in 2016. 

Accessing this market isn't difficult. The hurdle is being meaningful in a torrent of information. Our members average more than 50 daily interactions to do with the purchase of inventory for campus. That means even if all they are doing is pressing "delete" that our members are spending at least 18 hours a year dealing with clutter. 

Want to get our of the junk category? That's where CRC comes in handy. Our higher level partnerships come with a variety of tools to access our members. Our private Slack Workspace, online tool kits for digital and IRL marketing, highlights in informational blog posts and annual trade show can help your presence on campus. 


Getting past the basics

Once you've been a partner for 12 months we will have plenty of information about how our members are working alongside your company. We do require a minimum volume of total purchases from across our membership in order to move you into our other partnership categories. 

Our partners are separated into one of three general categories:

  1. Manufacturer Partners
    The creators of new and exciting technologies, our manufacturing partners are coveted not only by our members, but by the students, staff and educators they serve.
  2. Broad Distributors
    Offering access to an incredibly broad swath of technology manufacturers, our Board distributor partners supply our members with core every day products, but have access to a nearly unlimited catalog of products. 
  3. Other Distributors
    Providing specialty, niche, and important products that are often unnoticed our "other distributor" category is one of the most valuable avenues for our members to serve the unique challenges of the post-secondary environment.

Each of these categories has particular guarantees and incentives that they must offer our members to maintain their elevated status. 



Step 1 - Be a partner

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The first step in becoming a partner with CRC is to actually just sign up. Any company, individual or organization can partner with CRC. Once you are a partner we have a 12 month evaluation period during which our members and you will get to evaluate how we are working together and see what our next steps should be. 

Step 2 - Sales 

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In order to proceed into the higher tiers of partnership with CRC we first require a minimum volume of sales to members within a 12 month period. This minimum volume ensures that our members are going to receive the rewards and support required in order for you to be a member.


Step 3 - Guarantees

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We have strict standards for our higher levels of partnership. When we bring your organization on board we need to be able to guarantee a good experience for you and for our members. We want to make sure that you are in good company, and that our members are being served by partners who are willing to work. See the list of potential guarantees. 

Step 4 - Incentive

Our members are given a list of partners with whom they transact most of their business. In return we ask only for the funding to make these programs available to all our members, no matter their institution's size or budget. You are making certain that we can deliver high-quality technology solutions at affordable prices to students, faculty and staff.