Our Vision

Leading technology, together.


Campus Retail Canada is an initiative of Canadian post-secondary campuses to provide better access to higher quality technology resources to students, faculty, and staff. We believe that the route to better quality of education starts with affordable technology. 

As an answer to off-campus technology solutions CRC empowers its members through collective action. We provide the very best solutions by working with our partners. 

To our members this doesn't just mean reductions in cost, though that is nice, it means having a voice. Our advocacy

ensures that the more than half a million staff, students and faculty of our institution are able to rely on trusted internal staff members to get them the solutions that they require to excel. 

We work with our partners to ensure that they are well represented. We want your products and services to be available to this huge and valuable network. Working with CRC provides better access, while cutting down the noise that plagues our industry. 

Our goal is to provide better solutions at less cost by developing mutually beneficial partnerships on campus.


Greg McPherson
Executive Director, Campus Retail Canada

Executive Director Greg McPherson

Executive Director Greg McPherson