Xcel Soure and Ventec - Cleaner, better, faster, easier than ever to order

Tom Cairns and Xcel Source continues to be a great partner for CRC and once again they have gone the extra mile to present us with an awesome tool. Check out the incredible Ventev Essentials and Ventev Planogram order calculators. 

Look at product, see the profitability, get a planogram, and know that you are getting excellent quality all in one resource. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or this is a long time coming, you can save your time and effort and know that you are going to end up with a great looking final product in your store.




Don't do technology or want to consolidate your footprint and keep customers satisfied? This is the planogram for you! Cables, power banks and headphones all in one.



No tech section and you want to make a splash?  Already have a tech section but would like to either expand, or add a high-quality line with better cables and more powerful chargers to your mix?  Not sure what a good breakdown of product to order would be?  Use this tool to see how to bring in the right selection for you!


Download and put the numbers you'd like to order into the Quantity column, save it, and send it to Tom Cairns at Xcel Source. You can send it to his email - tom@xcelsource.com.  Is your section not 2ft x 4ft?  Let him know what size space you've got, and he'll draft up a planogram for you!

If you are not entirely certain what you need, and would like to go over the "what to carry" and "why should I care" you can always give Tom a call at (905) 564-9235 ext 209.  He's free, fun, and friendly, and a fantastic resource for information!